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Custom Mood Board

Custom Mood Board

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 Have you ever wanted to redo a room in your home but are completely overwhelmed with where to begin? We have you covered! 

We offer custom mood boards designed to help create a cohesive vision for any interior space in your home. Using your style and inspiration pictures, we will help you create a space that you love. We can assist with paint colors, decor, or remodel finishes (tile, flooring, light, plumbing fixtures) and more!  

Price is for the design of one space in your home. If you would like design boards for multiple spaces, purchase multiple mood boards. 

How it works: 

  1. You purchase a custom mood board
  2. We send you an email going over what we’ll need from you to create your mood board (you’ll be expected to share inspiration pictures via a Pinterest board or Google Drive)
  3. Once you respond, we create your mood board and send it off to you within one week of your purchase

*If you are purchasing this as a gift please email letting us know your recipients name so we can send you a gift certificate. *Gift certificates expire 6 months after date of purchase

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